Freedom of Speech vs. Hate Speech


The Wokshop "Freedom of speech VS Hate speech - Where to Draw the Line?" was a capacity building activity for young people, online activists and youth workers from Bulgaria. Aims to address the rise of such threathening hostility in Bulgarian on-line realities - an area that is rather vague and even negligently overseen by media and authorities while civil society is making its first steps - and raise awareness about the damaging impact hate speech has on young people and the way they perceive the world.

Main objectives of the workshop:

  1. To underline the main differences between freedom of expression and hate-speech online;
  2. To explore the different practices of hate speech online and to analyze some crucial phenomena in local social relations boosting its use online;
  3. To build up participants' competences to identify and deal with encounters of extreme hatespeech usage online as well as their organizational capacity to react to hate speech practices in internet;
  4. To trigger the process of developing a start-up info kit on tolerance and empathy for young people in web realities.

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