VIOLET: Let Violence Go


The Infinite Opportunities Association is partner in project VIOLET: Let Violence Go! funded by the DAPHNE III programme of DG Justice, Freedom and Security of the European Commission in December 2010. VIOLET's main operational objective is to create a supportive environment where children and youth with sensory impairements can get help to realize, personally comprehend and learn to protect themselves from the risks and violence exisiting in their everyday life. That means they will be empowered with skills and knowledge how to combat and avoid the most common tools for social exclusion and tormenting: aggression, isolation, and neglect always ending up in violent acts.

Project VIOLET: Let Violence Go plans to address these problems directly by organizing a field work, needs analysis.
Based on the findings of the analysis to develop and adapt accordingly special course curriulum dealing with issues such as

- self-defense,

- basic legal knowledge,

- art therapy and psychodrama,

- soft skills 

- communication breakdown

for the needs of the target group - sensory impaired children and youth.

The current partnership has been established as a result of another DAPHNE II funded project on awareness raising, named VILSIP - - coordinated by the RNC. During an international conference held in Sofia in December 2009 as part of VILSIP, experts from the partnership organizations, i.e. the Association of Parents of Children with Impaired Hearing, IOA and the Royal National College for the Blind met for the first time and identified common grounds for mutual coopeartion.