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In the beginning of 2014 Infinite Opportunities Association in partnership with National Centre European Youth Programmes and Initiatives is implementating a new project “Toler@nce”. Toler@nce is an initiative which reflects the fundamental democratic values of a modern society and advocates for communication based on principles of non-discrimination and cultural diversity in cyberspace.

The main objective of the project is the decreasing of racism, xenophobia, hate speech and intolerance in society. Equal treatment of representatives of gender, people with different ethnic affiliation, sexual orientation or religious beliefs is integral to the main purpose of this project and reflects fully model the social aspect of sustainable development. Following the main goal the project is beginning with the creation of an online platform in order to raise awareness about the problem. ( )

The main type of activity are:

  - Limitation of racism, xenophobia, hate speech and intolerance in society
  - Education and Training

Additional types of activities:

  - Volunteering
  - Providing information and raising awareness

The main target group of the project Toler@nce are young people aged from 15 to 29 years. The platform itself is consistent with the rules ensuring accessibility and high level of interactivity. The elements of the platform will have their own mobile version for access from smartphones and tablets and will offer a real interaction with the team of the association via Twitter and Facebook.

With the help of Toler@nce, we want to reach young people by encouraging intercultural communication, tolerance and volunteering.

The total project costs are equal to67 752,74 euro. The contribution of the IOA is 11,16 % (7560 Euro), while the grant by the NGO Programme in Bulgaria within the Financial Mechanism to the European Economic Area is 60 192,74 euro.

The duration of the project “Toler@nce” is 18 months.


This project was created with financial support of the program to support NGOs in Bulgaria under the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area. The sole responsibility for the content of the project and website is the responsibility of the association "Infinite Opportunities Association" and under no circumstances it can be considered that this page presents the official position of the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area and the Operator of the Programme to support NGOs in Bulgaria .