20 stories about dreams without borders

Dreams IOA

It is something natural for humans to spend life making plans: what to study after school, where to work after university, where to travel next year… And sometimes the best way to refer to all these plans is through the word “DREAMS”. The question, though, is: is there any difference between the dreams of different people?

The main objective of the project that we want to share with you today, 20th of June, World Refugee Day is to prove that, no matter if one is rich or poor, a migrant or a person with residence, a refugee or not… we all share the same dreams. The only difference lies within the resources that we have available to make them come true and how society helps us (or not) in achieving that.

The result of this project (made by Miriam Gómez Blanes, one of our EVS volunteers, as her personal project) is a book, which collects 20 stories. Most of them have been written by migrants in Bulgaria as well as by volunteers and representatives of other social groups working in the migration field. The texts have been collected answering the question: "Where do you want to be in six month's time?".

The Dixit cards have played an important role in this project and it is most visible in the illustrations made by our also EVS volunteer Ana Mendes (as well as the whole design), that have been inspired by. In some cases, the migrants themselves have recreated their dreams into drawings and Ana has been able to adapt these to the format of the book.

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Dreams inside 600

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