About Us

The Infinite Opportunities Association is an NGO established at the beginning of 2010 that is committed to youthwork, active citizenship, promotion of non-formal education and encouraging young people to develop their social and creative potential for a better future for everyone. The Association has focused all its efforts so far in assisting the exchange, elaboration and implementation of ideas, projects and initiatives for social representation and equal opportunities of minority and unpriviledged groups in the cultural, social and political life of the country, as well as in attracting public attention to the problems of sustainable living and social inclusion in Bulgarian society.

The IOA's key staff members have considerable experience in many different areas – non-formal youth trainings and vocational education for adults, finance and economy, pedagogics and psychology, public administration and management. All our staff members and volunteers are enthusiastic, ambitious, and well educated young people showing interests in different social areas.

All members of IOA have successfully completed specialized programs and seminars for leadership skills, soft skills, civil education, social and psychological trainings, ToT for youthwork etc.

The Association's governing body is the Executive Board that consists of 3 members and a chairperson. They have the right to make decisions and undertake actions within projects or initiatives once the Assembly of all members has approved the proposed agenda.