Last week on 17 to 23 of June the Social Entrepreneurship Training for Youth Leaders (SETYL) was organized in Plovdiv, Bulgaria by International Sport and Culture Association (ISCA). The five day course was designed to motivate the participants and give them the tools to become entrepreneurs towards the social good. Furthermore during the training course it was explored how the social entrepreneurship can enhance the voluntary experience of young people.

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Infinite Opportunities Association(IOA)  kindly invites you to join our newly established Facebook page. It will serve as a platform where our team will publish much more frequently updates regarding all initiatives and events, organized by the Association.

The page would also give us opportunitiy to strengthen the effectiveness of our communication and to bring our campaigns and projects closer to you!

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Infinite Opportunities Association invites all interested parties to submit their application forms for the ECO TRAIN project under the Grundtvig Sub-programme of the European commission until 26.02.2012 the latest. Information about the workshop, requirements of the Grundtvig programme and the application form can be found here.

On the first of December 2012 will be held the final conference of the project VioLet: Let Violence Go!, Partner who is
Association "Infinitе Oportunities Association". Conference will be held at Serdica Hall of the Sheraton Sofia Hotel Balkan.
Start time is 10:00.
If you wish to participate, please fill in the Registration Form Conference program.
More information can be found on

Only a few months after its establishment, the Infinite Opportunities Association has already won its first project. The project "Social Service in the Disability Sector - Studying Polish Best Practices and Their Implementation in Bulgaria” aims at creating possibilities for specialization, exchange and study of best practices for experts working with young people with special educational needs through an internship in the spring of 2011 with the Polish association SPON. The project has been approved and funded within the Lifelong Learning programme of the European Commission, under sectoral programme Leonardo da Vinci, action Mobility of People on the Labour Market operated in Bulgaria by theHuman Resources Development Centre.

"Infinite Opportunities" association has joined the fight against hate speech on-line. The Council of Europe (CoE) has initiated the campaign which will include a series of events for the protection of human rights in the cyber space during 2013.
The Association starts its actions under the initiative with a capacity building workshop for young people, on-line activists and youth workers aged 15-30. They will enhance their ability to draw the line between the freedom of speech and hate speech on the Internet.