FUNCITY festival this year will be held from 07th to 13th July. Itrs program in 2014 is the largest offered by the festival to date. It includes more than 330 events, divided into five main sectors - music, sports, dance, visual arts and workshops.

The Infinite Opportunities Association is going to the Funcity tomorrow! Find us and our symbol – No Hate heart in the workshops area, between Morsko Casino and Rakovina stage. We will be there Friday, Saturday and Sunday between 17 and 20 h. Let's talk a bit more about the hate speech, discrimination and let’s play some games!

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On the 22nd - 26th of June the IOA participated in the project Green Community Mobility in Romania. The second meeting with partner organizations from the UK and Romania was meant to measure the progress of implementation of the Green Community project in each of the countries and share the good practices. The IOA gathered some amazing ideas there that are to be implemented in Bulgaria shortly. Check Gallery for more pictures.

“Love&Hate: Youth for On-line Tolerance” project travelled abroad again. This time not virtually in the web space, but literally – by plane. As part of the international youth project “We live together” our Project assistant Gabriela Paneva presented the positive impact of the on-line youth tolerance campaign run by Infinite Opportunities Association.  

In Marineo (Sicily), Italy, she made more than 30 youngsters from 5 different countries familiar with the campaign of Council of Europe and all the events conducted in Sofia and in the country.

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Infinite Opportunities Association organizes a training with subject:”Organizing and implementing interactive youth activities and initiatives” in the frame of the project : "Youth CAUSE – NEtwork for Quality, Sustainability, Knowledge and Respect of the youth work in Bulgaria" funded by NGO Programme in Bulgaria under the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area.

The training is suitable for young people, speaking Bulgarian, aged 16-19 and youth leaders to 29 years old who are proactive and willing to participate directly in organizing different kind of activities and initiatives at a local level. The event will be held on 14th- 15th June.

Application deadline: 10/06/2014

If you are interested and want to take part in the training, find attached more information here.


"This document was created with financial support of the program to support NGOs in Bulgaria under the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area. The entire responsibility for the contents of the document rests with the association" Possibilities without Borders "and under no circumstances may be taken that this document reflect the views of the Financial mechanism of the European economic Area and Operator support Programme NGOs in Bulgaria. "



On October 25, 2013 was held the second meeting of Steering Committee of the project "Youth cause - network quality, sustainability, knowledge and authority at the youth work in Bulgaria."

The committee adopted the internal project management rules and audit logs proposed by the experts in the project team. All those would serve for tracking the expenses  within the participating organizations. As part of its commitment to improve the capacity of the organizations, “Infinite Opportunities Association”, "Thirst for Life" and "Wow Sport" approved  rules for transparency of their activities as well as a complete publicity an visibility plan for the project activities.

The tolerance caravan was a huge success. Our last stop in Sofia attracted attention of the Deputy Minister of Youth and Sport Maya Todorova, who wished everyone to "Respect Diversity". The event was also covered by the Channel 7, and you can see the reportage here.

Thank you everyone for sharing time and positive emotions with us within these two weeks! 

Bulgarian advocacy against hate speech online keeps moving forward. This week No Hate Speech Movement opened their website in Bulgarian language. You can find it here:


Long awaited Tolerance Carar@van is finally starting MONDAY! Find us in:

12- 13 May – Plovdiv
14-15 May – Stara Zagora
16-17 May – Sliven
19-20 May – Burgas

More info about the preparation can be found here. More info about the project: here.

On September 20, 2013 was held the first meeting of the Steering Committee of the project "Youth cause - network quality, sustainability, knowledge and respect of the youth work in Bulgaria.“

            Representatives of „Infinite Opportunities Association", "Wow Sport" and "Thirst for Life" laid the foundations of the informal network of quality youth work. During the meeting, experts discussed potential measures to increase the transparency and sustainability of their initiatives in the field of youth work.

It was 15 years ago when European Court of human rights used the term “hate speech” for the first time.  It has been 17 years from the issuing of Recommendation No. R 97(20) of the Committee of the Council of Europe to Member states on “HATE SPEECH.” Has it helped to Europe and countries within the continent to improve the situation on hate speech? At least theoretically? Has Bulgaria adopted any international standards that are being suggested to be implemented on this issue? And what are these international standards after all? This brief research provides a short overview of European and Bulgarian norms and practices concerning hate speech: something that each educated citizen of European Union country is supposed to know.

The document can be downloaded here.

Did you know that Infinite Opportunities Association has a blog now???

It was created by 3 EVS volunteers from Spain, Cyprus and Lithuania. They are taking part in the project "Love & Hate: Youth for on-line tolerance" and seek to protect human rights and European values ​​in the web, focusing on issues of mutual tolerance, cultural and ethnic diversity in Europe. Human rights is main focus of each blog post.


During December, January and February we asked you to answer some questions about the sustainable ways of living. Based on all the collected data we have done a small analysis about the sustainability knowledge that people possess and sustainable practices people implement in their households. For more info you can find the analysis below.

“Sustainable living practices” survey analysis

A video taken by Bulgarian National Television about International Youth Day 2013 in Sofia and Infinite Opportunities Association participation in it while promoting Love and Hate Campaign.

Internation Youth Day through Bulgarian National Television eyes

Infinite Opportunities Association is looking for young NGOs committed to Youth work!

On 12th August - the International Youth Day -, a lot of young people gathered near the National Palace of Culture in Sofia to celebrate the empowerment of youth and to recognize efforts of the world’s youth in enhancing global society. The idea was to foster youth active participation by sharing information, experiences and impressions about the current situation of Human Rights and European values in the youth field. We, as members of Infinite Opportunities Association went there to spread information about tolerance in online media and to build the community around “no hate speech movement“.

A young guy told us: “I don’t care about that stuff that is going on on the internet. I strongly believe that people, who care too much about bullying or cyberstalking have mental disorders.” His friends had nothing to add. We asked this boy and his friends about their personal experience on the internet. Did they know about the idea of safe Internet? “Yes, I heard that terrible story about Amanda Todd”, - said a beautiful young girl, “But, you know, he (she pointed on that guy, which just seconds ago told us about his thoughts) does not care because it can never happen to him. He is too popular in our school”. Young people around started supportive remarks: “Yeah, we don’t need your information about No Hate Speech and about Safety on Internet. We don’t care and you also shouldn’t be so serious about it”.

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The bay of Bourgas and its surrounding lakes – Mandra Poda, Vaya and Atanasovsko – are preferred habitat for thousands of wild songbirds in the winter period of the year. The district has international significance for the biodiversity of wild songbirds and represents an important element of Via Pontica migration route.



Meet the next three international volunteers within the Love&Hate II: Youth for On-line Tolerance project: Ida, Iuliia and Indre.

Read the passages below to get to know the people who are trying their best to raise the awareness of international internet users about the consequences of hate speech.



These are our three international volunteers within the Love&Hate: Youth for On-line Tolerance project: Carmen, Inga and George. During the next couple of months they will devote themselves to promoting tolerance between young people in the cyber space! They have already been in Bulgaria for more than one month, discovering the depths of anti-discrimination tools in Bulgaria.. Read the passages below to get to know the people who are trying their best to raise the awareness of international internet users about the consequences of hate speech.


The Infinite Opportunities Association is conducting a survey for our new project "Green Community", which will help us to determine how much people in Bulgaria are involved in sustainable living practices and how green are their households.  Help us to gather the information by filling in the form here. This will not take more than three minutes of your time. 


In September Infinite Opportunities Association will start the implementation of its first project within the financial mechanism of The European Economic Area – “Youth CAUSE – NEtwork for Quality, Sustainability, Knowledge and Respect of the youth work in Bulgaria”. Partners in the project, which is financed by the Norwegian program for support NGOs, are Thirst of life Association and WOW Sport Association.