5 myths - Counter Hate Speech against Muslims

Myths and stereotypes about Muslims can be found everywhere such as "Muslims are violent, oppress their women, all Muslim are Arab, ...". But how can we stop this misperception and hate speech targeting Muslims? Let's start a conversation for a peaceful and diverse Europe!

Ana Mendes, team member of IOA, created this infographic in order to enlighten about myths through arguments as a poster forthe Action Day countering Hate Speech against Muslims at 21. September by the No Hate Speech Movement. In support of the International Day of Peace the campaign is calling "for positive dialogue to decrease stereotyping and judgement, and strengthen counter and alternative narratives that debunk hate speech and its und

erlying xenophobic narrative effecting Muslim people". 

Follow this link to read the original infographic poster: 
EN https://visual.ly/community/Infographics/human-rights/5-myths-about-muslims
BG https://goo.gl/HnXUQD

Designer: Ana Mendes

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