Meet Ekaterina!

Ekaterina 800

1. Where are you from?

I’m from Germany.

2. Tell us about yourself?

Few weeks ago, I turned 19 and finished high school. I live in a small city near Cologne with my parents and my two younger brothers. I will stay from September till March and hope that this time helps me to find something appropriate to study. That’s why I’m motivated to experience as much as I can.

3. Have you dealt with volunteering before and what did you do?

No, the work at IOA is my first volunteering experience.

4. What’s the reason for you to make this decision and come to Bulgaria?

I decided to come to Bulgaria very spontaneously. Although the project Bulgaria and seem to be really interesting to me.
To explore a foreign country and culture, working in a social project and to find out my interests, were other reasons to go abroad.
I’m sure that this time will be a great challenge and will help me to solve many problems in my future.

5. What is your first impression of Bulgaria and would you come back again?

Since my arrival, I had many positive experiences and I felt in love with Sofia.

6. By participating in our project, what will be the benefits for you?

My time in Bulgaria is my first experience living alone and working for a NGO. It is my first time working in a social project. For sure, I will learn much, which will change my life or some parts of my personality. Another great advantage is to get to know many different people and learn how to interact with them.

But one of the best benefits will be to improve my English and public speaking skills. I hope this all will help me to manage my life in the future, to treat issues and to know myself and my interests better.

7. What do you think is the attitude of people in Bulgaria about the project? What is your attitude?

I think that many people are aware of our project and also like it. Since my arrival, I’ve experienced that Bulgarian people had a high motivation to participate our activities. All of the participants seemed to have fun.

8. What advice would you give those around you to get involved in the campaign?

I would give them the advice to be open-minded and motivated to change something in their society. For more information they should also check our websites on different social networks.

9. If you had to describe the LOVE&HATE III project with one word, what would it be?