Summer went faster enjoying festivals!

Sofia disha

Our summer went faster after all the festivals where we have been. It started in July with The bridge festival. It takes from 21st to 23rd from this month, in Vidin, and there we performanced an amazing video with all the participants. They helped us to spread our love message because they are the new love generation! And of course, we attended to their workshops and we were painting, learning music...

Few days after, from 29 to 31 of July, we went to another festival, this time in Aglen. There we enjoyed of nature, live music and a disconnexion from the "real world" in a really beautiful environment. Thanks to this, attendants could know who we are and what we do.

In August, we stayed in Sofia to enjoyed Sundays at Sofia Breathes 2016. And we did it. Lot of people came and visit us to play all our games: painting on the floor, matching words in differents languages related to human rights, making a big heart to support No Hate Speech Movement or playing our Tolerado. 

Of course, we don't want summer to be finished!