Meet Indre!



1. Where are you from?

 Lithuania, one of the Baltic States. I live in the port town city Klaipeda, with a population approximately 150 thousand people

2. Tell us about yourself

I am person who needs to be involved in various activities. I love to learn, to explore or just enjoy stillness. I love being in the nature immensely: walking around long distances, traveling by bicycle, roll skating, skiing also travelling and try activities full of adrenaline

3. Have you dealt with volunteering before and what did you do?

Volunteering was part of my daily activities when I was in Lithuania. Mostly I enrolled in social help organizations, but also took part in one day charity projects or events.

About  1 year I participated in “Big Brothers Big Sisters” movement. I gained experience how to communicate with children from disadvantaged, social risk, fosters home families or with children with a lack of social skills . The major advantage of this activity was not only qualification improvement seminars where we learnt about emotional intelligence, childhood traumas and discuss ways how to help children to feel more emotionally better and safe in our society, but also case analysis meetings where we tried to overcome the major obstacles while counteracting with our “small friends”. Personally in my friendship I helped my friend to raise self-esteem, express her emotional so that they would not disturb and harm others and also indicated that nobody could raise a hand against her. I firmly convinced that people learn by imitating their surroundings, therefore I believe that our friendship could have a profound effects when she will grow older, because she will remember that despite of others people judges she is special, unique person. Apart from that I was involved in project broadening activities. I tried publicized and searched for new volunteers by spreading BBBS activities and goals.

Another organization where I am still be involved while being in Bulgaria is Lithuanian Association of Emotional Support“ lines called „Youth Line“. To tell the truth, it was a real challenge for me while I started volunteering when I was 17, but even in preparatory courses I was fascinated by all “Youth line” activities. By writing support letters and giving emotional help speeches, I contributed with numerous individuals as perpetrators, suiciders, LGBT members, alcoholics or with individuals who suffer from depression, violence, anxiety, loss or rape attack. The completed dare, experience and pleasant feeling, when after 1 hour sincere conversation, I affected and even saved a great number of society members lives makes me feel delighted! I learned to help callers unburden themselves, to listen and try to understand their feelings.

When I have time I am volunteering in contemporaryperforming arts andnewcreative businessincubator named "Klaipeda Culture Factory" also in the “Food bank”, “Hope run” and “Elections observing”.

4. What was the reason for you to make the decision to come here to Bulgaria ?

Bulgaria fascinated me for have amazing nature, and historical buildings and mountains which we do not have in Lithuania! I decided to come to Bulgaria and contribute to the Infinite Opportunities Organizations because this project was about that I wanted to gain knowledge and skills, because I was not very familiar with. I am a person who likes to try new things, be in new place and meet new people, so I was overwhelmed with excitement to be able to come here!

 5. What is your first impression of Bulgaria and would you come back again?

Bulgaria and especially Sofia looked like for me active and friendly country. There are numerous café and restaurants. Sofia is very big city, but I love it! I like the Bulgarian a broad range of Bulgarian food, antic churches and a lot of shops and activities to do.

6. By participating in our project, what will be the benefits for you?

One of the greatest advantages is that of improving my public speaking skills. Also it will let me to experience myself by interacting with a group of people and issues which are relevant nowadays. These leadership skills are important in our global world today so I believe it will be like real life university. Furthermore I am hoping to know myself better and find more activities what I am especially good at. I really love that this organization have the diversity of activities where I can be involved.

7. What do you think is the attitude of people in Bulgaria about the project? What is your attitude?

I think the ideas of project should be interesting for them, because it touches every day lives. I believe this organization topics are really important and everyone should be familiar with them aiming to live in equal, honest and fair society.

8. What advice would you give those around you to get involved in the campaign?

Don’t be afraid to ask questions J

9. If you had to describe #0NL1NE #T0LER@NCE>project with one word, what would it be?