Meet Anabel, the latest addition to our volunteer group!


1. Where are you from?
I’m from Gran Canaria, in Spain.

2. Tell us about yourself?
I think I am sociable but in occasions I’m very shy when I meet people but when I know them I feel better. Also I am a person with a big desire to work and know new costumes. However I am very undecided when I have to choose different possibilities but if I am sure of a thing I‘ll try to make the best of it.

3. Have you dealt with volunteering before and what did you do?
Yes I have volunteered in an association for drug addicts in Spain and the relationship with the other volunteers was good. I did therapy with young people and the volunteers helped us to organize the projects of the patients and give ideas to improve our therapy.

4. What’s the reason for you to make this decision and came here in Bulgaria ?
Because I need to know new things and I like help people so for me it was a great opportunity to fulfill my aims.

5. What is your first impression of Bulgaria and would you come back again?
At the moment, my first impression is good but I feel very lost because I need to improve my English to get better and fluent communication and yes I’d come back again because at the moment I feel comfy with the guys and the people are very kind.

6. By participating in our project, what will be the benefits for you?
For me there are a lot of advantages because I can meet new people and different costumes that are different to me, know other foreign languages and it’s a possibility to feel secure and comfy with myself. Also I can share experiences with other people from different countries and know different points of views so it allows me to have an open mind.

7. What do you think is the attitude of people in Bulgaria about the project? What is your attitude?
I think that the Bulgarian people will be involved with the project because they show a proactive attitude with the no hate speech campaign and other ways of fighting violence.
I think I have a good attitude to fight the hate speech because now I can’t communicate very well but I am very enthusiastic and I‘ll do everything possible to help to end this problem that nowadays increases.

8. What advice would you give those around you to get involved in the campaign?
The people should help other people because the world will be better if we’ll do this but normally the people judges before they know someone and it’s very easy to give your opinion and comment on other people but it’s really difficult to be in the skin of other people.

9. If you had to describe #0NL1NE #T0LER@NCE project with one word, what would it be?